Goodwill junction redesign

Harrow council is proposing to redevelop the Headstone Gardens / Harrow View / Headstone Drive traffic light junction to provide a pedestrian phase. Three out of four right turns will be banned at the junction to enable this to happen, and all pedestrians will cross at the same time (single-stage crossings). However, this route is a desire line for cycling (especially east-west) but cycling is not accommodated in this design – there are no segregated cycling facilities.

We think it is ESSENTIAL that segregated cycling facilities are built through this junction in the east-west direction. This needs to be planned as part of a scheme to enable cycling along Headstone Gardens / Headstone Drive, part of a link between North Harrow and Harrow and Wealdstone station. It is probably most feasible to build this scheme as a two-way segregated cycle track on the south side of the road. Our suggestions are given below in red.

In addition, cyclists should be able to turn right from any junction arm. Surrounding minor residential roads (Headstone South / Marlborough) should become low-traffic neighbourhoods, with measures to prevent rat-running by motorists trying to avoid the junction.

The speed limit on all roads in the area should be 20mph.

We have a discussion page on Cyclescape:

Response from Harrow council

With reference to the Goodwill to All junction … we considered including cycle tracks on the footway to allow cyclists to bypass traffic queues at the signals during in the initial design stage of the scheme similar to your suggestion. Unfortunately, the footways along Headstone Gardens – Headstone Drive are not consistently wide enough to do so and therefore this was not feasible. Also, this would mean that the signal heads on Harrow View (south) would have to be relocated further back onto Harrow View, which would adversely affect the signal timing and network performance at the junction which is already operating over capacity at the moment. You will note that advanced cycle stop lines are included in the design and we will consider introducing no right turn except cyclists in the final design.