Kingshill Avenue – Harrow’s first low traffic neighbourhood?

Harrow council is proposing to reduce through traffic in the Kingshill Avenue area in Kenton, by making short sections of road one way (with cycling exemption) or closing them to motor vehicles (leaving access for cycling). The consultation is currently open online here (deadline 31 July):

We are broadly in favour of this proposal – this is one of the few schemes in Harrow which actually aims to reduce traffic rather than merely reduce speeds. It will improve the area for walking and cycling. However with some minor changes it could be even better – if the proposed closure of Kingshill Avenue is moved further south it will close off the remaining through route for motor traffic and make the area much better for residents.

Harrow council proposal to reduce traffic in the Kingshill Avenue area (consultation option 2), and Harrow Cyclists proposed modification to block the remaining through route.