Consultations and campaigns – Spring 2020

Harrow’s voluntary organisations are working together to help the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please look at their list of organisations, activities and resources if you are able to help.

Healthy Streets for COVID-19 recovery

We are campaigning for urgent action to create healthier streets to reduce pressure on the NHS, as advocated by NHS doctors and public health specialists. We recently wrote to all councillors calling for lower speed limits to reduce the risk of crashes, temporary cycle lanes to be created along major roads (as in other cities round the world), and reduction of through traffic on minor roads. These measures will reduce pollution (a risk factor for mortality in COVID-19) and will create safe spaces for people to be active while maintaining physical distancing.

On 9 May, the Government published new statutory guidance requiring local authorities to urgently reallocate road space for walking and cycling, both to encourage active travel and to enable social distancing during restart. The guidance states that “Measures should be taken as swiftly as possible, and in any event within weeks, given the urgent need to change travel habits before the restart takes full effect.”

We are still waiting to hear about Harrow’s COVID-19 transport strategy. We will try to liaise with them as soon as possible and submit ideas for locations that need urgent improvements.

Wealdstone town centre scheme

This is a plan by Harrow council to re-route buses and improve bus services in Wealdstone town centre, as well as repaving and improvements to the public realm. Unfortunately, the scheme is very poor for cycling – cyclists will be banned from cycling southbound on the High Street, and George Gange Way will be made even more dangerous for cycling by creation of a central bus lane.

We responded to the original consultation with our concerns and asked to meet with the council and discuss the walking and cycling network in more detail. This will not be possible in the near future because of COVID-19, but the council is still planning to press ahead with traffic orders, which will enact the southbound traffic ban on the High Street. Click here to download the traffic order and plans.

We are writing to Harrow council to object to the scheme being pushed forward at this time without proper review. The deadline for responses is 15 April.

West Harrow low traffic neighbourhood campaign

We’re recently gathered 199 signatures on our petition for a low traffic neighbourhood in West Harrow, and submitted it to Harrow council on 29 April 2020. The council will discuss it at the next Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel meeting. Thank you for your support!