Please support people-friendly high streets for Harrow!

Consultations are open until 16 May for ideas to improve the high streets in North Harrow, South Harrow, Rayners Lane and Whitchurch Lane (Edgware).

The street environment should be improved along Healthy Streets principles. Trees will make the high street cooler in summer and reduce pollution, making it more pleasant and comfortable. Benches are essential for people with impaired mobility, and better toilet facilities including accessible toilets are also needed. Public art can provide a point of interest and help to encourage people to visit. Outdoor tables and seating can help pubs, restaurants and cafes.

The walking and cycling environment in these high streets is currently poor. More pedestrian crossings are needed. The existing segregated cycle tracks along Pinner Road and Alexandra Avenue provide safe space for cycling along short stretches of road, but need to be linked together to create a network of safe, convenient cycle routes in the wider area. This will make it easier for people to visit high streets without contributing to traffic congestion and pollution.

Harrow council should also take immediate steps to encourage cycling more generally, including: reinstating free cycle training for adults, a ‘try before you bike‘ scheme (e.g. available in 19 London boroughs), dockless bike hire, residential bike parking, and a borough-wide default 20mph speed limit on roads where motor traffic mixes with people walking or cycling. Subsidised cargo bike delivery services operate in other London boroughs such as Barnet, and can help local businesses serve their customers without causing congestion and pollution.

Links to consultations: