Harrow Streetspace update – Oct 2020

As of 12 October 2020, all of Harrow's COVID-19 emergency Streetspace schemes have been implemented. There are three sections of temporary cycle lane in place (Honeypot Lane, Sheepcote Road and Uxbridge Road), and some layouts of minor roads have changed significantly, particularly in the West Harrow and Headstone South low traffic neighbourhoods. At this early … Continue reading Harrow Streetspace update – Oct 2020

Deputation to TARSAP meeting 13 Oct 2020

Veronica, Emma and Tara presented a deputation on behalf of Healthy Streets for Harrow to the council's Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel meeting on 13 October 2020, asking for a better strategic approach for walking and cycling in Harrow, and ensuring that the Streetspace trials continue. Click here for the full speech of the … Continue reading Deputation to TARSAP meeting 13 Oct 2020

Community Zoom meeting, Tue 6 Oct 7.30pm

We held a community meeting for those who are interested in making Harrow a healthier, happier place to live! At the meeting we discussed the recent Streetspace cycle lanes and low traffic neighbourhoods, and planned to present a deputation to the council at the forthcoming Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel on 13 October. The … Continue reading Community Zoom meeting, Tue 6 Oct 7.30pm

Zoom meeting with leader of the Council, 22 June 2020, 6pm

On Monday 22 June 2020, 6-7pm, the leader of the council, Councillor Graham Henson, joined us on Zoom to talk about Harrow's Street Space improvements and¬†answer questions. Harrow council is already working up plans for 9 low traffic neighbourhoods and 3 school streets, and is seeking comments on plans for 4 cycle lanes along major … Continue reading Zoom meeting with leader of the Council, 22 June 2020, 6pm

Emergency Streetspace for Harrow

Update 09/10/2020: The Headstone South low traffic neighbourhood has gone live. Update 25/10/2020: West Harrow, Francis Road and Southfield Park low traffic neighbourhoods are live. We support these measures and are asking for more across the borough. Low traffic neighbourhoods area networks of minor streets from which through motor traffic is excluded, but access is … Continue reading Emergency Streetspace for Harrow

Healthy Streets to help the recovery from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone's lives and Harrow has been particularly hard hit, with 401 deaths by 29 Aug 2020. During the current lockdown, people have been enjoying the quieter streets by walking and cycling. However, when businesses and schools start to reopen, motor traffic will increase substantially unless urgent steps are taken to … Continue reading Healthy Streets to help the recovery from COVID-19

Harrow’s health and wellbeing strategy

Harrow's 2020-2025 Health and Wellbeing Strategy is open for consultation: https://consult.harrow.gov.uk/consult.ti/HWell/consultationHome Please respond asking for specific measures to improve Harrow's streets to enable more walking and cycling. The deadline is 17 Feb 2020. Harrow's health problems: diabetes, obesity and physical inactivity Harrow has the second highest proportion of people with diabetes in England - 9.6% … Continue reading Harrow’s health and wellbeing strategy

‘Northern’ cycle route – Feb 2020

Link to consultation website (deadline 14 Feb 2020): https://consult.harrow.gov.uk/consult.ti/northcycle/consultationHome Harrow proposes to create a cycle route running east to west across the northern half of the borough. Similar to the Metropolitan Route and the Jubilee Route, the actual interventions (cycle tracks or new junctions) are very limited. It is mostly a signed route along busy … Continue reading ‘Northern’ cycle route – Feb 2020

Wealdstone town centre consultation – Feb 2020

Update December 2020 Harrow council has been provisionally awarded ¬£7,448,583 from the High Street fund to improve Wealdstone. We will advocate for this to be spent on improvements for walking and cycling as outlined here. Update April 2020 Harrow Council is proposing the traffic orders for the scheme, but our concerns about the scheme have … Continue reading Wealdstone town centre consultation – Feb 2020