We would like Harrow to be a happy, healthy place to live. However, Harrow’s streets are polluted, congested, noisy and dangerous. Streets effect people’s health and wellbeing in many ways – pollution causes asthma and heart attacks, congestion makes people’s lives difficult, noise increases stress levels, and road danger discourages people from walking or cycling, leading to further ill health.

However, good street design can improve people’s health. Reducing motor traffic will reduce congestion and pollution, and make the streets quieter, safer and more pleasant for walking and cycling. It can also make streets more sociable and less stressful, all of which improve quality of life. Harrow has a very high rate of diabetes, which can be prevented by enabling people to be more active in their everyday lives.

Harrow’s streets should be enjoyed by people rather than dominated by cars. They should be safe and pleasant, with good footpaths and cycle paths enabling people to walk or cycle easily. High streets should be vibrant places that people want to visit, and residential areas should be pleasant to live in and not blighted by too many cars driving through.

Our draft proposals for improving walking and cycling in central Harrow are available on our website and PDF booklet. Over time we will add proposals for other parts of Harrow.