Harrow town centre

We propose an intuitive and comprehensive network of cycle paths in the town centre and new pedestrian crossings. There is space for segregated cycle paths along some of the major roads, and the surrounding minor roads should have modal filters installed to prevent them from being used as through routes by motor traffic. At locations on busy roads which are not major cycle routes, have low pedestrian density and lack space for segregated cycle paths, shared use footways can be used. However, in general walking and cycling should be separated in order to maintain the efficiency and comfort of both modes.

The speed limit on all roads in Harrow town centre should be 20mph.


  1. The Roxborough Bridge roundabouts have segregated cycle paths which end abruptly at the main roads. These need to be extended to form a network in the surrounding streets
  2. Pinner Road is a key desire line, but is too narrow for segregated cycle paths. It currently has narrow advisory cycle lanes. There is a shopping parade centred on Rutland Road. We propose that the primary cycle route should go along the parallel Vaughan Road (marked with purple dots), which should be closed to through traffic, and a widened shared footway on Pinner Road can provide local cycling access. A two-way cycle track can be provided outside the shopping parade, where the footway is wider.
  3. Greenhill Way provides important local links between the Greenhill residential area and the town centre. The minor roads junctions with Greenhill Way are currently closed to all vehicles, including bicycles. Greenhill Way is marked as a cycle route but is busy with motor traffic, and has no cycle lanes. There is a narrow footway on the north side of the road. We propose removal of the on-street car parking (there is plenty of parking space in the nearby multi-storey car parks), widening of the footway and conversion to shared use (there is not enough space to create a segregated cycle route). This route is not too busy with pedestrians and would be acceptable for shared use, as the primary cycle route would go along Hindes Road, with through traffic removed (purple dots just to the north of Greenhill Way).
  4. Sheepcote Road is a direct route from Northwick Park Roundabout towards Wealdstone. It is a wide road with no cycling facilities. One or two of the four lanes of Sheepcote Road can be converted to a two-way cycle track, which is continued north along Station Road to Wealdstone.
  5. Kenton Road has narrow advisory cycle lanes. We propose conversion of the lightly-used southern footway to shared use, which would be used by people cycling westbound (uphill). A widened segregated cycle lane can be provided for eastbound (downhill) cyclists.
  6. College Road is busy with buses and needs a segregated cycle track, which can be accommodated in the wide footway.
  7. Lowlands Road has narrow intermittent advisory cycle lanes, with car parking in the westbound lane which makes it particularly dangerous. The road has car parking on one side and is too narrow for parking and cycle lanes. We propose that residential car parking is moved to a location where the road is wider (near the bridge), and the segregated two-way cycle track is continued all the way to Harrow on the Hill station. A shared use path can also be provided across The Grove Open Space (just to the south of Lowlands Road), linking to Roxborough Park, a minor road.
  8. The Roxborough Bridge cycle path should be continued south along Bessborough Road, Lascelles Avenue and Porlock Avenue.

Detailed plans of town centre layout

The Headstone Road / Greenhill Way junction currently has poor multi-stage pedestrian crossings and no cycling provision. We propose single-stage pedestrian crossings and a cycle crossing providing access from the Roxborough Bridge underpass to Greenhill Way. We also propose a new right turn facility from Greenhill Way eastbound into Headstone Road, which will remove the need for traffic to travel eastbound along College Road and free up a motor traffic lane which can be converted into a cycle track.


We propose two-way cycle tracks along Lowlands Road and College Road, ensuring that everyone is able to access Harrow-on-the-Hill station and the town centre by bike without encountering motor traffic.


Two-way cycling along Grove Hill (a quiet minor road) will provide access to Harrow Hill.