Greenhill and Marlborough low traffic neighbourhood

The residential area between Station Road, Greenhill Way, Harrow View and Headstone Drive is split between Greenhill and Marlborough wards. It contains several schools and the civic centre, which is due to be redeveloped with new housing. Many of the minor roads in this area are busy with traffic, particularly at the beginning and end of the day.

Traffic on Hindes road, which is marked as a cycle route, but is often unpleasant and unsafe for cycling.

All the junctions between Greenhill Way and minor roads are blocked to motorists and cyclists. This restricts the amount of north-south traffic through the area. However, there is a lot of east-west traffic, particularly along Hindes Road (which has several schools and is marked as a cycle route) and Marlborough Hill (which has a school).

Map showing potential low traffic neighbourhood and existing road closures at the junction with Greenhill Way. Base map © OpenStreetMap contributors

The surrounding main roads need more pedestrian crossings and better facilities for cycling. A set of point road closures or ‘modal filters’ (leaving the road open for walking and cycling) can be used to ensure that people are unable to drive from east to west, or drive through the area to bypass a junction. However, motor vehicle access to all properties would be maintained. This would create a low traffic neighbourhood.

A possible arrangement of point closures (maintaining access for walking and cycling). The yellow areas are accessible only from Station Road, and the remaining areas are accessible only from Harrow View. Thus there is access to all properties but motorists are unable to drive through the area. Base map © OpenStreetMap contributors

Other measures to make the streets more people-friendly include replacing some of the roadside car parking with benches, trees, residential bike hangars, or planters.

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