Headstone South low-traffic neighbourhood

The area bounded by Headstone Gardens, Parkside Way, Station Road – North Harrow, Pinner Road and Harrow View is a residential area with narrow roads. The surrounding roads are main roads and bus routes. This area suffers from rat-running, with roads such as Pinner View being frequently used by through traffic.

There is currently a consultation open until 1st March 2020 – please fill it in if you live in the area. This is to gather people’s feelings about living in and moving around the area, and will inform the design of a low traffic neighbourhood.

There is no reason why through routes for cars need to be provided in the area. We propose closing roads to cars at certain points, which will prevent through traffic, but still allow people to drive to all properties, and not impede deliveries or emergency services.

We organised a petition in December 2018 to January 2019 which gathered over 400 signatures, and presented it to ward councillors (more info). Harrow has appointed Sustrans to carry out traffic surveys and undertake stakeholder consultation, which is currently in progress.

The aim of the design is to position point road closures (bollards) , one way streets or restricted turns at locations which will prevent through traffic but allow people to drive to and from properties easily. The design should avoid long roads with dead ends (which would require large vehicles to reverse for long distances), and no property should be too far to drive from a main road. Some of the road closures might need to be removable in case emergency services need additional access.

Some suggestions for potential layouts are given below.