West Harrow low traffic neighbourhood

Typical morning traffic on Vaughan Road in West Harrow – not pleasant for walking or cycling

West Harrow is a residential neighbourhood containing a school (Vaughan School) and a park. However, there are a number of through routes available for motor vehicles, which means that traffic can be heavy, particularly near the start and end of the school day. Most of the roads have car parking on both sides with space for just one car in the middle, which causes congestion if people are trying to drive in both directions. Vaughan Road is marked as a cycle route, but is unsuitable for cycling because of heavy traffic and lack of space for overtaking.

Map of the West Harrow neighbourhood, showing through routes for cars
Vaughan Road is marked as a cycle route but cyclists are squeezed between traffic and parking on both sides.

A low traffic neighbourhood could be created by closing roads at certain points to block off the through routes. All properties will still be accessible by car, but from only one of the surrounding main roads. Restricted turns on the junctions with Bessborough Road can be used to deter people from using Drury Road and Vaughan Road to bypass Lascelles Avenue.

Map showing how a small number of point closures and restricted turns can prevent the area being used by through traffic while maintaining access to all properties.

Other measures to make the streets more people-friendly include replacing some of the roadside car parking with benches, trees, residential bike hangars, or planters.

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