Healthy Streets to help the recovery from COVID-19

Click here to let us know where safe space for walking and cycling is urgently needed in Harrow Please also let your local councillor know the importance of rapid improvements for walking and cycling - you can use the cycling UK template email. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone's lives and Harrow has been particularly … Continue reading Healthy Streets to help the recovery from COVID-19

Current consultations and campaigns


Harrow's voluntary organisations are working together to help the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please look at their list of organisations, activities and resources if you are able to help. Healthy Streets for COVID-19 recovery We are campaigning for urgent action to create healthier streets to reduce pressure on the NHS, as advocated by NHS … Continue reading Current consultations and campaigns

Harrow’s health and wellbeing strategy

Harrow's 2020-2025 Health and Wellbeing Strategy is open for consultation: https://consult.harrow.gov.uk/consult.ti/HWell/consultationHome Please respond asking for specific measures to improve Harrow's streets to enable more walking and cycling. The deadline is 17 Feb 2020. Harrow's health problems: diabetes, obesity and physical inactivity Harrow has the second highest proportion of people with diabetes in England - 9.6% … Continue reading Harrow’s health and wellbeing strategy

‘Northern’ cycle route – Feb 2020

Link to consultation website (deadline 14 Feb 2020): https://consult.harrow.gov.uk/consult.ti/northcycle/consultationHome Harrow proposes to create a cycle route running east to west across the northern half of the borough. Similar to the Metropolitan Route and the Jubilee Route, the actual interventions (cycle tracks or new junctions) are very limited. It is mostly a signed route along busy … Continue reading ‘Northern’ cycle route – Feb 2020

Wealdstone town centre consultation – Feb 2020

Update April 2020 Harrow Council is proposing the traffic orders for the scheme, with a deadline of 15 April 2020 for objections. Our concerns about the scheme have not been addressed - particularly the difficulty for cyclists travelling southbound (High Street will be one way northbound with no cyclist exemption). We will therefore be submitting … Continue reading Wealdstone town centre consultation – Feb 2020