Public meeting 28 Jan 2020

Date and time: Tue 28 January 2020, 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Venue: The Lodge, 64 Pinner Road, Harrow, HA1 4HZ

This meeting is open to anyone interested in improving street conditions for walking and cycling in Harrow. We particularly welcome other environmental and voluntary groups, and we would all like to work together to make Harrow a healthier, safer and more pleasant place to live. Please come along if you would like to help with our campaign.

We’re currently campaigning for a low traffic neighbourhood in West Harrow (you can sign up to support it here:, and would like to expand the campaign to other areas. Thank you for your support!

Campaign for a low traffic neighbourhood in West Harrow

Low traffic neighbourhoods are created by preventing through motor traffic from using minor residential roads. They reduce the overall amount of motor traffic (without increasing traffic on surrounding streets), and encourage people to walk and cycle more.

Last year we successfully petitioned for a low traffic neighbourhood in Headstone South. The council listened to us and has committed £25,000 towards traffic counts, feasibility studies and resident workshops to develop a scheme.

Now residents in West Harrow also want less traffic and healthier streets. Please support our petition (please sign only if you are a Harrow resident):

Thank you for your support!

Harrow Cyclists meeting 19 Nov 2019

Tuesday 19 November, 7.30pm

Venue: East End House, Moss Lane, Pinner, HA5 3AW.

Directions: In a private road off Moss Lane opposite Chiswick Court. 10 minutes’ walk from Pinner Underground or bus stops H11, H12, H13 or 183. Secure cycle parking. Phone 02088663024 in case you need help finding the venue on the day. 


The agenda will include feedback from our meeting with Will Norman and Harrow Council on 4 Nov 2019, and discussion of our future campaigns.

One of our key campaigns is for a low traffic neighbourhood in the Marlborough / Greenhill area, so if you live in that area please come along!

Wealdstone Liveable Neighbourhood

Harrow is applying for funding for TfL to improve the streets in and around Wealdstone, and want people’s input and ideas.

We have drafted a proposal here:

Please let us know what you think and mark your thoughts on Harrow’s map here:

The input of people who live in, work in or visit the area is really valuable, and will help to increase Harrow’s chance of success. So please feed in your ideas or let us know if you support ours! Thank you!

Our draft proposal for low traffic neighbourhoods and a cycle network in Wealdstone

Harrow Cyclists meeting 4 Sep 2019

Date: Wed 4 Sep 2019

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: 60 Longley Road, Harrow, HA1 4TH

Please come along to our meeting or get in touch if you are interested in anything we plan to discuss. We are especially interested to hear from people who live in Marlborough ward, as we would like to develop a petition and campaign for a low traffic neighbourhood in the area.


  1. Minutes of July meeting
  2. Matters arising
  3. Approval of minutes
  4. Report of Freecycle Ride
  5. Letter from leader of council
  6. Dealing with the Environment Portfolio Holder
  7. Marlborough low traffic zone
  8. Walking and cycling update
  9. Latest from council meetings/ future meetings
  10. Better communications
  11. Any other business
  12. Date of next meeting

New developments in Harrow – consultations open

Harrow council is consulting on three housing developments near Rayners Lane, Canons Park and Stanmore tube stations. The new housing will be available for shared ownership or affordable rent and will be built on the station car parks, with a reduction in car parking spaces.

There will be more cycle parking and the intention is that people will use walking, cycling and public transport rather than drive. However, unless the surrounding roads are improved for cycling very few people will cycle. We will be responding to the consultations calling for construction of cycle tracks on surrounding main roads, low traffic neighbourhoods, better junctions and an area-wide parking strategy (to encourage lower levels of car ownership).

Please respond and add your voice:

Canons Park


Rayners Lane

Campaign for a Liveable Neighbourhood in Central Harrow

Harrow is undergoing major new developments in the town centre, but the area is dominated by cars with poor walking and cycling facilities.

We are campaigning for major improvements – removal of through motor traffic from minor streets, cycle tracks along main roads with better junctions, more zebra crossings, and more cycle parking.

The improvements could be funded by TfL through the Liveable Neighbourhood scheme, if Harrow submits an application showing genuine commitment to active travel.

We have written to all councillors and sent them a booklet explaining our ideas, core concepts and examples of good practice elsewhere. We invite anyone who supports our aims to engage with their councillors and help make this happen.

The booklet can be downloaded here, and more detailed information about the proposals are here.